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I’m sure there aren’t many idols who could play this character like Hyuna did on Trouble Maker. She makes it feel like it’s natural. Her stare is something inexplicable, her body is perfect and her sexy moves are amazing. The way she acts on stage can make you want to watch ‘till the end. You can’t scape from Hyuna’s charisma. 

From TOP: CrazySexyCool

140203 - Twitter - Fantalk: Himchan


F: Fan, H: Himchan

F: BABY VS Girlfriend!! ㅋㅋ

H: BABY=Girlfriend


F: Today is the day the first full album comes out but it is also the day that I was born. Will you wish me a happy birthday?:)♥

H: More than any other day today is the day you receive a blessing happy birthday…

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himchan, 1004 making of

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